April 20, 2009

How to get promote your unsigned rock bands and metal bands.

Welcome to Myspacedotcom - the online directory for artists around the county. All styles provided for - from house to hardcore, and grunge to metal. With our Record Scout publication going to hundreds of music and record shops around the country it is a great place for exposure for your group, productions to get reviewed and noticed.

Whether they're into punk music, grunge bands, vintage music, or hard rock and roll music, fans want more from their favorites and want to hear the voices of new, unsigned bands. They show their appreciation by wearing rock and roll T-shirts or their favorite band T-shirts, and by displaying rock music posters, rock concert posters and other band posters on their walls.

Myspacedotcom have launched its online charts of unsigned rock bands. Myspacedotcom provides unsigned band reviews and information to many publications throughout the world wide and to online sites throughout the World and came across this cool new site....not seen anything like this before. If you are an unsigned band of any kind you can email them your Myspacedotcom link- looks uncomplicated and you could get a review from some music industry people......

Does anyone know of anything else this promising.....if so I would like to hear from you as I am finding it difficult to get beyond playing a few gigs here and there ....have sent press kits to some magazines and record labels but nothing has come of it yet!

Promotion and internet publicity for musicians to genre specific radio stations, online music magazines, directories, blogs and other media. Submits your music to genre-specific radio stations, online music magazines, online music directories, blogs, podcasts, indie record labels, and other electronic music media.

Myspacedotcom promotes Unsigned Rock Bands providing imaginative ways to get Bands noticed. We pride ourselves on being different to other Music Websites refusing to become a Website that focuses on Member Numbers.

The biggest difference you will find with Rock bands is that you can not Join our website or create a Band Profile. Why become a needle in a haystack fighting with the thousands of other Bands using profile Websites? Who actually goes looking through these profile sites? The truth is, no one! We have come up with new ways of Promoting Band's that offers quality exposure. We also come with the personal touch, all our services are handed edited and not database driven, you will talk to real people and not auto responses.

Promoting Metal Bands is our speciality, we spend day after day forming relationships, submitting press releases and begging for features. We also happen to be very good at it! Myspacedotcom has always been about Unsigned Bands and all our staff has either been in a Band or worked very close with one at some point. We understand how Bands work and the finances that are available.

We work for you, no fixed contracts, terms, limitations. You control your projects by setting how much time and money you want to invest in them. Whether you're looking for a few graphics designed or a full Website development, we will be happy to work with you.

Think this through and move things around on the calendar until you've got one or two great ideas listed for each month. Doing this will give you a promotional roadmap so you know the best ways to spend your time and energy every month. Your efforts will be more focused this way and more likely to generate results. Our site will be giving this great idea. Our site will be promoting your Metal and Rock bands.

The biggest challenge when planning a PR campaign for you band is getting contacts. You can spend months looking up publication/zine contacts on the web only to have your press packs returned undeliverable. This is especially true with webzines, they are often started with fantastic exuberance by the people behind them, then left to rot after a few weeks.

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Promoting unsigned metal bands is our speciality, we spend day after day forming relationships, submitting press releases and begging for features. Myspacedotcom promotes unsigned rock bands providing inventive ways to get Bands noticed.

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