May 19, 2009

Free Tips For a Better Singing Voice

Surely, anyone can sing! Some people may posses a natural singing ability, but it doesn't mean to say that those people who aren't gifted with such talent would just leave their aspirations and dreams behind. And so, whether you're singing for fun or you hope to be recognized as an exceptional singer someday, it is crucial that you start your road to success today.

The points that follow are some of the best tips for a better singing voice. If you study and put into practice all these major keys, it would definitely be much easier for you to learn the art of singing.

Firstly, you need to discover the tonal texture of your voice. Remember, a male's timbre is different with that of females. Here's an overview of different tonal quality:

Male's tonal texture: Tenor - Has high-register male voice. Baritone - Has medium or average-register male voice. Bass - Has low-register male voice.

Female's tonal voice: Coloratura Soprano - Able to sing rapid runs, trills and definitely the highest voice of the Soprano family. Dramatic Soprano - Has a dramatic, heavy voice texture that is ideal for songs expressing intense emotions. Lyric Soprano - Characterized by beauty of tone and sweet melody. Soprano - Has high-register female tonal voice. Mezzo Soprano - Has medium or average tonal voice. Alto - Has low-register female voice.

Upon discovering your tonal texture, the next thing you need to learn are the two processes involved in breathing, which is deemed salient for a better singing voice.

* Inhalation - The process of taking in air. When you sing, observe the diaphragmatic action as the diaphragm contracts and the ribs lift up outwardly allowing the lungs to expand.

* Exhalation - The process of giving off air. When you sing, try to put one of your palms near the diaphragm. Feel your ribs move downward as it gently squeezes the air out of your lungs for better voice production.

There you have it, the two most important factors to consider for a better singing voice. There is still a lot of it, but these two aspects are considered the basic yet most powerful voice method of all.

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