May 05, 2009

How Can I Use Myspace Music Marketing And More Plays For Offline Music Promotion Purposes

While many musicians have a Myspace page devoted to their band and their music, most of those musicians do not use it to its full potential. Granted, Myspace is a great place to connect with friends and fans, upload songs, sell merchandise, and a host of other really terrific services and capabilities, but the main point of Myspace that many overlook is promotion beyond the internet.

The best way to gain attention offline is the same as you would online, by using play counts. Play counts are a ranking system used to rank the popular musicians whether they are Unsigned, Indie, or on a major record label.

These music charts are first organized by genre and then overall for the entire site. The higher the total Myspace play counts, the higher up the ranks your group or band will reach. Many musicians, including those on major record labels, are turning more and more to promotional tools to aid their rise in the music charts.

In light of just how important these total play counts really are, make sure you select a service or software that has been proven and was developed with the aim of helping musicians reach the desired play counts in a natural manner which produces terrific results.

These results do not only garner the attention of fans, peers, and even important executives in the music industry, they can be used to promote your band through magazines, television, radio, and other forms of media.

Most of the larger cities, and even the smaller towns, have a local newspaper or magazine. These print media are always looking for stories about local people who are doing something of interest. While starting at the bottom and not going straight for Rolling Stone may seem a waste of time, it really is the best way possible to gain attention at this stage, at least before Rolling Stone magazine notices your band.

With an impressive Play Count, your local magazine and newspaper will surely be more than happy to interview you and your band. Getting your band in print, and circulating among tens of thousands of people, is only the first step.

Word of mouth will take hold from there and continue to spread news of your music. More likely than not, if you were to show up to the local magazine or newspaper office without an impressive play count, the editors will only ask you to leave. However, with high play counts and a spot in the Myspace music charts, preferably a higher spot than the bottom three, you will gain the editors attention and interest.

It is even possible to use high play counts to get jobs other than the one at the small bar on the outskirts of town. Bars, pubs, and other venues, especially ones that primarily deal with local and underground bands, book their talent by how popular they are. This way, you'll ensure that there will be a decent crowd and a decent chance of doubling and tripling their nightly profit.

Keep this in mind as you approach a venue in which you would like to perform. Show them your play count and guarantee that you are popular and worth their time. Again, this can only be done if you have a high play count number. The higher this number, the more likely the venue will agree to let you play. These venues will be an important step to your bands future and gaining fans.
Now, these are just two examples of how Myspace can help you beyond the internet. Myspace is an important tool in elevating your status and popularity in the music world and while it is certainly possible to gain recognition and a record deal through Myspace, it is best to not just wait around for that possibility.

Local media and venues will be more than happy to spread the word about your band when it is popular, so use this fact to your advantage as well. Simply because you are on Myspace does not mean that anyone will take you seriously, you have to have the play counts to back up your boasts.

Use your imagination when promoting your band and use your popularity on Myspace as a guarantee of your skill and capabilities. Along with the site, these offline attempts will help boost your popularity and the number of your fans.

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