July 31, 2009

YouTube Wedding Video Increases Music Sales

Fellow Musicians, bands, singers recording artists, music industry colleagues. before reading this article, watch the video first! Then read the rest of this article. Very interesting…


Over the last ten days, 12 million people have watched Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz’s funky wedding march on YouTube, demonstrating the video site’s enduring viral power — and that (at least some) people from Minnesota have some pretty good dance moves.

Now YouTube, which is owned by Google, is pointing to the video as a sign that it is forging a positive and profitable relationship with the music industry. In a blog post this morning, the company said that the amateur video, set to the Chris Brown song “Forever,” had sent sales of the year-old song skyrocketing to #4 on the iTunes chart and #3 on Amazon’s MP3 store.

In the past, labels like Warner Music have sometime objected when people (or their cats) used copyrighted songs in homemade YouTube videos. Sony Music, Chris Brown’s label, used YouTube’s content management tools to claim the song and overlay a click-to-buy ad on the video, which directs viewers to download the song from either iTunes or Amazon (earning YouTube a commission).

Read the rest of the article here. Source: The New York Times.

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