August 18, 2009

Dave Carroll, United Breaks Guitars

Dave Carroll, United breaks guitars. Is excellent marketing at it’s best. A must read for all musicians on how to turn a bad experience to a money maker.

For those who don’t know the story, it goes like this.

Dave Carroll is a Canadian Indie musician from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dave Carroll was on tour in the US last year with his band “Sons of Maxwell”.  While boarding the flight with United Airlines, Dave witnessed his Taylor guitar being thrown by United Airlines baggage handlers. A Taylor guitar is a high end guitar with a value of $3500.00

Once Dave landed in Nebraska, he seen his Taylor guitar was severely damaged. So Dave contacted United Airlines to get compensation for his guitar. The guitar as witnessed, was severely abused by the baggage handlers. This went on for nine months and finally Dave Carroll had enough, and told United Airlines he would write 3 songs and videos and post them on line for the world to see.

After the first song and video was posted, United Air Lines finally agreed to compensate Dave for the damaged of his Taylor guitar, only after the music video was viewed 5 million times.

CNN even carried the story and made video posts of the incident, as well as others. See the video below.

Dave Carroll, has the songs for sale on his website Dave Carroll Music, as well as iTunes, the video has been viewed 5 million times, as well as getting awareness from all the media. FREE publicity.

Taylor Guitars even made a video post on you tube commenting on Dave Carroll’s United Air Line misadventure, adding to Dave’s marketing of his music and videos.

So this is a perfect way to turn a bad situation into great marketing and of course sell your music.

By George Luker © 2009 Krule Music Group

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