August 20, 2009

Do you listen to music on your cell phone?

Do you listen to music on your cell phone? If you’re like me the answer is no. We are not alone, there was a report published today “The Future of Music On Cell Phones” which stated that only 10% of Americans listen to music on their cell phones. I am not surprised by this at all.

I always thought it was odd, my last 3 cell phones or (mobile phones for everyone else) was equipped with an MP3 player. Problem is if you listen to music with the MP3 on your phone, you kill your battery.

Getting back to the report. 27% of British adults and 70% Chinese subscribers used their mobile phones to listen to music. Key here is subscribers, which means, not only are they subscribing to the cell or mobile phone network, they are also mobile music subscribers.

Since most cell phones are made in Europe and Asia, it makes sense now, why we have MP3’s on our cell phones.

I thought this was very interesting, the way and habits that North America Vs. Euro-Asia listens to music. Also how we acquire music.  Again I thought this was interesting and wanted to pass this info on to you all.

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  1. Interesting how different markets have different trends in mobiles and music. Europe is huge on mobiles and way more advanced than North America.