February 14, 2010

Musicians Resources: Signup for advance copy of eBook

Musicians Resources, has writing a series of music info eBooks. We would like to give our loyal readers an opportunity for an advanced notice of the eBook, before it is released to the public.


We are also looking for feed back from you, as to what you would like to have inside the eBook, and or what information matters most to you. From the responses we receive, we will give away copies of the untitled eBook.


Let us know, which topics you would like us to cover, whether it is music marketing, DYI (Do-it-Yourself) record label start up, recording music, etc…


Our intention is to bring an eBook, that gets direct to the point, without all the extra verbal diarrhea that is currently on the market. Straight forward concept and facts.


Please fill in the form below, or you may send us an email as well. Our email is on our blog at contact.


By a musician for musicians.

Copyright © 2010 Krule Music Group

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