May 29, 2010

Free Open G Guitar Chord Chart

Here is a great Free Open G Guitar Chord Chart, which as you can see there is different chord positions, because of the Open G tuning of DADGAD.

Open G tuning has become more increasing popular with many guitarists. Drop does give the guitar a unique low pitch, which is great for finger picking style, especially playing songs in the key of G.

Open G tuning is used mainly in old country music, and Celtic music, but has also been in used in many blues songs. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, is a major fan of Open G tuning.

Looking for a complete list of alternate tunings for the guitar, refer to our post on the Complete Guitar Tuning Chart which has a full list of all known tunings.
For Drop D tuning, you could find a video guitar lesson from our post Blues Guitar Lesson: Drop D Tuning. 


Open G Tuning for Blues Guitar, is one of the best selling books on open tunings. By Dave Rubin, the book goes into great detail with charts, and explanations on why this alternative tuning is a favorite for many blues guitarists.
Open Tunings for Blues Guitar (Inside the Blues)

The book goes into details on all the open tunings used in Blues guitar. Each chapter discusses a particular song and structure to better understand open tuning.

One chapter discusses Muddy Water's classic song "I Can't Be Satisfied" which is played in Open G tuning.

Other classic blues songs with open tunings, which the book looks at are as follows.

  • Elmore James: "It Hurts Me Too" played in open D tuning.
  • John Lee Hooker: "Boogie Chillin No.2" played in open A tuning. 
  • Robert Johnson: "Phonograph Blues" played in A (add9) tuning. 
  • The Allman Brothers Band: "Statesboro Blues" played in open E tuning.
  • Robert Johnson: "Drunken Hearted Man" played in drop D tuning

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