May 02, 2011

Dunlop 535Q Crybaby Wah Pedal: The Leader in Quality

The Dunlop 535Q Muli-Wah Crybaby pedal, is one of latest crybaby pedals from Dunlop manufacturing. The 535Q is close in spec to the original Jim Dunlop Cry Baby pedal. The GCB-95 which is the original cry baby pedal is the best selling guitar pedal of all time.

The 535Q Multi-Wah Crybaby Benefits Versus the Original Wah Pedal:

The 535Q Multi-Wah Crybaby pedal is the same as the original pedal, the difference is the added flexibility of the pedal, which makes it customizable.

The main advantage is you can control the tone of the wah, that the pedal produces. You can also control the intensity of the pedal effect, this is done with the "Q" button.

Like the original cry baby pedal, the 535Q is durable and built to take the abuse of being on the road.

The picture to the left demonstrates some of the typical settings for the 535Q Multi-Wah pedal. 

Note: always plug the Wah pedal before all other effects pedals, this will give you the best sound and control. This is a basic tip for all wah pedals.


The Original Crybaby Wah Pedal: the GCB-95:
This is the exact model and pedal Jimi Hendrix used in the studio and when he played live. The GCB-95 is the wah pedal that put Dunlop on the map for guitar effects.

The Original Crybaby Wah pedal (GCB-95) that started the rock revolution. This is the pedal that Jimi Hendrix used at the historic Woodstock concert, and on many of his recordings including the all time classic "Voodoo Child".

The GCB-95 is still built to its original design spec, and is still manufactured in the USA by Dunlop Manufacturing Inc.

The pedal is one of the only products on the market, that has not changed since it was first introduced to the market. Dunlop is one of the only manufacturers for guitar effects and instruments, that has not changed or outsourced the production since day one.

No matter which crybaby wah pedal you choose from , you get a top quality guitar effects pedal, and that has never changed over time.

Who Uses Dunlop Crybaby Wah Pedals?
The following is an impressive list of guitarists who only use Dunlop Crybaby wah pedals, of course Jimi Hendrix is one of the first guitarists to use the wah pedal. Some of the other guitar hero's are Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Prince, Steve Lukather, Adrian Smith, Vivian Campbell, John Frusciante, Warren di Martini, Warren Haynes, Robin Finck, Steve Vai, and many other guitarists.

If you're looking for a wah pedal, the 535Q Crybaby Multi-Wah Pedal or the original from Dunlop is the only pedals you should even consider. Time tested, musician approved, and still manufactured to exact specs.

By George Luker (C) Copyright 2011 Krule Music

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