June 09, 2011

The Cost of Music Piracy

Music piracy is a hot issue, that won't go away. There is a new name to piracy, and that is "Digital Piracy".with file sharing so easily done, most people do share music, and without knowing it, are actually committing the crime of piracy.

Music piracy is one of the most debated and heated issues from musicians and artists to record companies and music publishers.

All songs that are published are protected by copyright laws. The songwriters or owners of the copyrighted songs are the people who lose money on sales of their songs.

The Music Piracy Calculator:

Here is an actual piracy calculator, where you can see the cost of your pirated songs. Its an interesting calculator that lets you know the value of the songs you have downloaded for free.

This gadget is just for fun and to be informed that piracy does kill music.
Here is the link: Music Piracy Calculator

How much would you owe?  

By George Luker (C) Copyright 2011 Krule Music

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