October 12, 2011

Musicians New Agreement Terms with Media Marketing

Canadian musicians are about to reach an agreement on terms to renew the Commercial Announcements Recording Contract. The Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM) has reached an agreement on behalf of Canadian musicians, with the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) and the Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) on the collective agreement for the production of music and audio tracks for commercials in Canada.

The future of compensation for all music will be in digital distribution:

Bill Skolnick, the AFM Vice President from Canada & CFM Chief Executive Officer, mentioned digital distribution as the key focus, and vital future for all Canadian musicians. Mr. Skolnick, went on to say, that it was encouraging to see the advertising industry, in favor of the agreement, and their willingness to work side by side on a fair agreement, that protects musicians, and composers.

Details of the Proposed Deal:

The proposed new deal includes general increases in minimum fees of 3% in year one and 2.5% in year two and three, of the new three year agreement. The new agreement also has a one-time increase of 1% in industry contributions to the Musician Pension Fund of Canada, on behalf of all musicians who perform under this agreement.

All parties have agreed to enter a pilot project to assess commercials made for new media, and monitor the use of the proposed new clause, and review all findings together under regular reviews.

“Over the past year, a group of musicians, and industry professionals have worked together to set the base and terms of this ground breaking new agreement, which will also set the tone for negotiations, which are currently in progress with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation”, Mr. Skolnick added.

The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada draws on the experience and strength of more than 90,000 musicians, with over 17,000 active members in Canada alone. The CFM is uniquely positioned to address Canadian issues, and provides vital resources for Canadian musicians, at any stage in their careers.

For more information visit their website: www.cfmusicians.org

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