August 28, 2009

Music recording software, which one to use?

Music recording software, there are many programs on the market; which all have they’re pro’s and con’s Some are user friendly, some are complicated. Others are the perfect tools used by many bands and artists today, but you really need to be a sound engineer and a computer expert to use them.


In the past I had used Cakewalk Guitar Pro 3, which is a few years old. Before that I was using Guitar Tracks. Compete different interface etc. The Sonar 8 “Producer” looks like a great music software program. This is one I am looking at buying now.


I want to do a complete tutorial and how to article on the most used music recording software, and add support articles and links for everyone.

One thing I have found from experience, and this must be done at the start.


Look at the different software's on the market.

Decide which one to use. bouncing from one to another does not accomplish anything and you never get to master, and fully use the tools of the program. (I am guilty of this)


Once you decide which music recording software to use, you must then learn how to use the software fully, before recording. As I mentioned before, if we don’t understand or know how to use all the tools of the program, (it is like buying a car with air conditioning, but you don’t use the air conditioning, because you don’t know how to turn it on.)


So I am asking all of you, to comment and tell us what music software programs you are using, or would like to use. Based on the responses we will start our articles, which we plan on doing as an on going project. Which will benefit all of us.


By George Luker © Copyright 2009 Krule Music Group  

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