September 10, 2009

Acoustic Blues Guitar: Video tips and tricks to stand out.

Here is a great video from Next Level Guitar it gives great tips on the A7 lick. You can easily stand out as a blues guitarist with these simple to learn tricks. Acoustic Blues guitar has always had an amazing sound with open strings.


See the Free lesson below from Next Level Guitar.


Matt shows some awesome tips, and very easy to learn. Watch the video, it is totally amazing. Next Guitar Level offers many video courses on line. We highly recommend Next Level Guitar, because of the extreme ease of the lessons, and complete how too blues licks.


Matt demonstrates very well, the rhythm, the licks and riffs. Matt also provides extra info as you go along in the lesson, which gives you more understanding of how and why the riff or lick is done in that particular style and key.


Visit their site for more details here. Next Level Guitar.


By George Luker © Copyright 2009 Krule Music Group

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