March 14, 2010

Electro-harmonix: A Vocal Harmony Machine.

A great little effects gadget from Electro-harmonix, is their “Voice Box” pedal, which is a harmony machine and vocoder. The Voice Box is an absolute must have for every musician.


With the Voice Box, You can have back ground vocals, and in harmony along with your lead vocal. The harmony processor creates 2 to 4 part harmonies from your lead vocal.

This is a great tool, that can really increase the sound of your performance and sound at live shows.


The video below demonstrates how the Voice Box is used, but actually how easy it is to

use.  voicebox

The Voice Box also perfectly matches any electronic instrument harmonically. Another great option, above and beyond just the vocal capabilities of the Voice Box.


Another great feature of The Voice Box is a gender bender switch, so you can have a male of female vocal format and modification.

Last but not least is the XLR line output, which allows you to interface with any mixing board or A/D converter. The Voice Box from Electro-harmonix is available

at most popular music stores and various web stores online, the above is a direct link to Amazon, where you might get the best price, versus other online music stores.


By George Luker © Copyright 2010  

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