March 21, 2010

Mega-Wah Guitar Pedal: The only Seven-in-One Pedal

The new Mega-Wah guitar pedal from Gig-FX is an exciting new pedal for any guitarist. It is actually a 6-in-1 guitar pedal. It is like having six different wah wah pedals in one. To boast the Mega-Wah guitar pedal has the following six features in one, plus a foot volume pedal.


Classic Wah: The original analog wah sound, which is the original classic, mono and stereo in a lightweight robust compact design.


Mega-Wah: Is a supped up version of the original Wah sound. We deep clear sounding bass, and clear crisp upper tones.


Trig-Wah: The Mega-Wah sound triggered and activated by a single note, which provides an awesome funky sound.


Auto-Wah: No need to buy a Way pedal, auto-wah, and envelope filter. This pedal does it all, and all for one price.


Stereo-Wah: Two internal circuits provide twice the Wah power; can also be used in stereo effects train.


Stereo-Reverse-Wah: With a flick of the switch, reverse one channel for a neat melodic effect.


Foot-Volume Control: With a flick of another switch, the pedal becomes a foot volume control pedal.


The Mega-Wah is the world’s first stereo wah pedal, with two independent channels.

 Mega-Wah Musicians Resources

The Mega-Wah is built with two entirely independent circuits in one package, giving stereo in, stereo out capability. The effect pedal will also accept a mono input signal and automatically provide a stereo out. While in standby mode, if the pedal is stepped on and rocked all the way back; the linkage will automatically and noiselessly turn on the pedal, providing the classic wah or the wah you pre-selected sound. The resonance control allows adjustment of the peak value of the Wah determining how much Wah range the pedal provides. The gain control allows control over how much gain the pedal provides to allow soloing at higher levels, with a crisp clear and non intrusive peak.


The Mega-Wah Features:

· Easy to use. No programming or scrolling through menu’s

· All analog circuitry, crystal clear sound.

· Transparent bypass achieved by FET switch. Open frequency response.

· Stereo in, Stereo out, Mono in stereo out.

· 9 Volt operating voltage, 30mA to 40mA current consumption.

· Accepts standard 2.1mm power supply plug.

· Flashing Blue and Red LED’s to show modulation rates.

· Industry standard compact size 9” x 4” (228mm x 103mm)

· Lightweight , robust aircraft aluminum casing and rugged construction only 2.1 lb (1.1kg)

· Patented ergonomic design.


Overall view the Mega-Wah from Gig-FX is an amazing product, which brings the world’s first stereo wah. With easy of control, noiseless activation, it is simply the best guitar effects pedal on the market. If you need a volume pedal, you might as well buy the Mega-Wah, and get all the great Wah’s in one convenient pedal.


© Copyright 2010 Krule Music Group


  1. Great job. Thanks for posting this, it'll come in handy.

  2. I have this pedal... worth the money, and no hassles... Amazon is the cheapest place to get it.
    Best 200.00 I ever spent.... its a great all purpose pedal. A must have.