June 07, 2010

Music Marketing: The Basics of Marketing

If you’re a musician, or band looking to make it big in the music business, keep reading this article.

Whether you’re a band, band manager, upcoming music producer, sound engineer, music promoter, or a music marketing consultant; there is one key factor that has a direct result on all of the above; that is key contacts.

You can be a successful band or music professional, but if you don’t have any creditable contacts, you’re not going to get anywhere fast. There are several ways to develop music business contacts but before that, you do need a good strong marketing plan that is in action and an ongoing plan as well.

Marketing is the key to any success business not only in music, but in all other types of business and industries. Here are some of the basic rules and guidelines, before you even begin your music marketing plan.
  1. Know who your potential customers are.
  2. Know where to begin looking for them.  
  3. Know who your competition is.  
  4. Know where your competition is.
There’s an old saying, and I know you’ve heard this before. “Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer” I think you understand where I am going with this, and sure you know now the meaning of this saying.

These are pretty basic rules to start and follow, but it is amazing how we always seem to forget this. This may seem elementary to some, but it is the basis of your marketing plan, strategy, and execution.

There are many types of marketing that you will need to put into you marketing plan. They range from brand marketing, promotional marketing, online music marketing, strategic marketing, and so on. Every part of the plan has an effect on the other, which also has an overall effect on the final execution of the marketing plan.

Over the next few weeks I will post and go into detail, what the effects of each strategy does, and how it will affect the over performance. I leave you my fellow musicians and colleagues, with this post, as it is food for thought. Keep this on your mind, and just think about it.

Music marketing is the first step to success for any band, artist, or music professional. Understanding the basics of marketing is the first step forward to your music marketing plan.

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