June 10, 2010

Guitar Lessons: Chords, Tips, and Videos

Learning to play the guitar is a life long lesson, even the most experienced guitar players, and virtuosos  are constantly learning something new. Guitar techniques, tips, and how to improve your playing, can only start with you desire to learn.


One of the most important tips for all guitarists new and old is, discipline, openness, and being versatile.  I will elaborate more later on the three tips I had just mentioned, because they are extremely important.


In the meantime, here are a few of our older posts, that have some great guitar chord charts, and some good tips for blues guitar players.


Free Open G Guitar Chord Chart: Is a post with a Open G guitar chord chart, obviously you need to change the tuning on your guitar to Open G, which would be DADGAD. With Open G tuning, you need to play your guitar chords a little differently, the guitar chart shows you all the positions of the chords.


Blues Guitar Lesson: Drop D Tuning: Drop D tuning is a great way to play songs, that are in the key of D. Drop D tuning would be DADGBE, which gives the guitar a much deeper sound. Drop D tuning is popular in folk, country, and rock music for its unique sound.

This post is a favorite of mine, it also includes a free instructional video, that shows you how to tune to Drop D, gives you a few licks and guitar runs to use in Drop D tuning.


Free Blues Guitar Chord Chart: This gives you all the basic Blues guitar chords, which is all in standard E tuning. It is not an extensive chord list, but does give you the basics to start with. Some good Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar chords here.


Blues Scales: The Full Five: This guitar chord chart, lists the full five blues scales, and all their positions, this is all you need to know, for the blues scales. At this stage you would be more of an intermediate guitar player. This will take some practice to learn all the notes, but gives you a great advantage in your lead guitar playing.


Acoustic Blues Guitar: Video Tips and Tricks to Stand Out: A Great video with some tips and tricks to make you stand out in your guitar playing. This is another favorite of mine, some of the tips are very easy to do, and add so much sound to playing acoustic blues on the guitar, but also good little tips to basically play the acoustic in any genre of music you prefer to play in.


Fender Stratocaster: Free Blues Guitar Lesson: Very good video with some awesome guitar licks, if you’re a Eric Clapton fan, or David Gilmour fan. You need to watch this video for some good tips.


Stevie Ray Vaughan: Blues Guitar Lesson, The Shuffle: All Stevie Ray Vaughan fans will love this blues guitar lesson, a video on how to play Stevie’s trademark guitar shuffle.


Musicians Resources, has many posts on learning the guitar, reviews of new musical products, and the legends series, where we go into details with our favorite guitar heroes. There are many resources on the music industry in general as well, be sure to look around, and subscribe to our blog.


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