July 08, 2010

Music Marketing: Online Marketing Basics

Music marketing is very much like regular business marketing, there are certain steps you can and must do before you start you music marketing plan. Online marketing basics is where you will begin.


What is the basics of online marketing?

As we discussed in our previous post Music Marketing: The Basics of Marketing know who your customers (Fans) are, and where to find them. That is one of the starting points to marketing, especially online marketing.


Before you start your music marketing plan, do the following in the order they appear. This will take a bit of time, and must be done carefully. Once this is done, you have set the stage for your marketing plan.


Before anything else if you plan to have some kind of band logo, get it done before you start. Even if you don't have a website yet. Get a band logo made. This will be one of you branding pieces, that will identify you in the crowd. Not all bands have logos, so don’t worry if you don’t have one, but they are cool and it is like any business, the logo makes you stand out, and identifies you.


Think of Aerosmith with their logo, or Van Halen their logos are known around the world.


Once you have a band logo made, next you will need to open accounts, profiles at the following website. (All you need to do is just open the accounts, you can fill in the info later.)



There is many other networking sites, these are the most popular and get the most consistent traffic daily.


Once they have all be open, you can now go back and edit and complete each profile. Include the band logo on all of them. If you don’t have a website yet, don’t worry use MySpace or Facebook as you link. You can change it later on. Don’t forget to include you most import contact info your email address.


We will touch base on this next time, with the next steps in online music marketing.

This is the basics to your online marketing, before you start your music marketing plan.


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  1. I've been seriously considering starting a blog, or two, and just this morning my business partners and I had a discussion about it. I'm grateful I came across this post, It is both inspirational and informative.


  2. Thank you for your comment Sophia. Glad the post was informative and inspirational to you.

  3. You have nice site with interesting post. Good luck!