August 11, 2010

Keith Richards: Telecaster as a Weapon

Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones demonstrates how to protect yourself and your band mates on stage. Touring life is rough most of the time, and when stage security is not there, you must be ready for anything.

This is footage of a Rolling Stones concert from years ago, Keith managed to see a fan get past stage security and was coming towards Mick Jagger. Keith did what any brother of the road would do.


He took off his Telecaster managed to get a good swing as the guy came, and smacked him directly in the face with his guitar. I am surprised the guy didn’t suffer a concussion.


TheTelecaster is the heaviest guitar that Fender makes, it is a solid body guitar that weighs over 7 pounds.


Keith Richards being the respectable guy he is, actually bailed the guy out of jail after the concert. He still talks and jokes about the incident, claiming the guy owes him $150.00


By George Luker © Copyright 2010 Krule Music Group  

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