August 17, 2010

Music Marketing: Follow Me on Twitter

Music marketing has increased with web 2.0, which means more resources to marketing your band, music, brand or cause. Web 2.0 is part of the online marketing phenomenon. in layman's terms web 2.0 is social networking.


Online marketing with today's technology is done mostly with social networks. As you know the most popular social networking sites are Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.


This is an experiment we are currently doing to increase our online music marketing. This experiment is a good one, because everyone benefits from the traffic it will produce.


Increased traffic, means awareness for you music, band, and website.


If you want to increase your followers on Twitter do the following, it won’t hurt, you have nothing to lose, and it takes 3 minutes to do, to increase your Twitter following.


Step 1: follow @musisource

Step 2: RT @musisource (RT means Re Tweet)


That’s all you have to do, and this will increase your Twitter following, in a organic and safe way.


Another step is to tell your followers to RT your @musisource Re Tweet.


Sit back and let the followers come to you. This will take a few hours, and days. The following is consistent.


  1. Thanks Dude. I see the angle. nice one.

  2. Nice post. I've follow your steps and I did great. Thanks for the tips.