September 06, 2010

Find Musicians Resources on Facebook

Just to let you all know you can now find Musicians Resources on Facebook, we are listed as Musicians Resources, add us as a friend now. Networking is an important part of music marketing, and marketing in general.


We are also listed on Twitter as @musisource be sure to follow us, we have many interesting tweets. We also follow back, so you can build up good and targeted followers, by retweeting some of our tweets.


If your an artist, band, or indie record label and you want to get a message out to everyone, send us a direct message, and we will retweet your tweet.


We add different content on our Facebook and Twitter profiles, so it is wise to follow us on both social networks. We constantly post and tweet updates from the Musicians Resources blog, as well as interesting news, and tips from other sites as we come across them.


If you want to stay connected with great music resources, industry news and events, follow us today. Remember to subscribe to our blog feed, we have some great things coming.


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Musicians Resources, just another way of staying connected. After you’ve added us on Facebook and Twitter, leave a comment with your Twitter username, another way to get your self promoted, listed, and it’s FREE.


Remember this is targeted traffic, the people reading this blog, are the people you want to notice you, and add you to their social networks.


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