November 30, 2010

Canadian Musicians Propose Levy Tax on MP3 Sales

Canadian musicians have called upon the Canadian government to impose a new tax or levy on the sales of MP3 players. A petition had been addressed and given to the industry minister, containing signatures from 350 Canadian musicians. Bands and artists from Nickelback, Tragically Hip, to Anne Murray have made they’re support known.


memorex MP3 LevyThe MP3 levy would the same in comparison to current levies on blank CD’s and cassettes. Royalties collected from the sales of blank CD’s, DVD’s, and cassettes is distributed to all Canadian recording artists.

The current levy supports musicians, and helps in the fight against music piracy, but is only done for CD’s, DVD’s and cassettes. In the new digital age, there is no current levy to fight music piracy, which is at an all time high. This is compensation for musicians, for all people who copy their music to different formats such as CD’s.


With the new proposed MP3 levy, this would help with current digital piracy, which affects all musicians and recording artists not only in Canada, but worldwide.


The letter was co-ordinated by the Canadian Private Copying Collective, the organization that takes in existing levies and hands out royalties to singers, songwriters, producers and record companies.


By George Luker © 2010 Krule Music Group

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