January 18, 2011

Front Stage Music Blog: Amazon MP3 and Music Reviews

Front Stage music blog, is currently redesigning their blog and interface, to include more direct links to music. The blog will have Amazon MP3 player and links to purchase music at Amazon. Buying music through Front Stage links, supports your favorite artists, as well as music reviews.


Amazon MP3 has a promotion during the month of January, most full MP3 Albums are just $5, which is an amazing deal, but time limited to this month only.



This is a perfect time to upgrade your music collection at a cheap cost. Going digital with classic albums like The EaglesHotel California” is a great idea and now is the time to do it.


If you’re an Indie musician with a record released or and up coming release you can make a request to Front Stage to review your Album and post the review. Front Stage is a music blog, that posts information to all music fans, on concert listings, music reviews, and music releases.


Amazon MP3 lets you download your songs to any device, no restrictions, even iPOD. Front Stage music blog has an MP3 player, that plays previews from the top selling songs from Amazon.


Music Links:

Front Stage, A music blog, with concert listings, music reviews, and music news.

Amazon MP3, Over 5 million songs, and thousands of Albums.


By George Luker © Copyright 2011 Krule Music

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