March 04, 2011

Music Marketing Lesson: Be Pro-Active

Music marketing is the most fundamental part of a musician's survival.  If you're an undiscovered band gigging, you need to market yourself to the public. Awareness is key to potential fans discovering you, whether it is your live concert or your upcoming debut album release. You must be pro-active in your marketing.

Music Marketing Lesson: Be Pro-Active.

I am not a Clay Aiken fan, but there is a good post by Front Stage Music Blog: Commentary: Clay Aiken Album Sales the article is a very informative article, which discusses poor marketing, and raises questions on Clay's fan base. Go read the article, it is a music marketing lesson to be learned.

Basic music marketing starts with you. First is word of mouth, you tell your friends and family about your upcoming gig or album release. Then what?

Social media, which is a musician's best friend. Music is social, so marketing is a social affair. Just with websites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, you can cover a lot of ground, and get the word out about your record release, gig, new merchandise. This where you build up your fan base, and keep connected to your fans, with updates.

Bob Baker, as many might know is the Guerrilla of music marketing, actually he is the Guru of awareness. Bob is well known in music circles and the author of the popular book "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook"

Bob's book goes into thorough details and easy to understand how to, on effective marketing, and instant marketing that won't cost you a lot of money. The handbook gives over 200 examples of how to promote market your band and music.

The Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook is made up of four main sections.
  1. Section 1: Guerrilla Music Basic Training
  2. Section 2: Guerrilla Music Marketing Online
  3. Section 3: Guerrilla Music Publicity
  4. Section 4: Guerrilla Music Money & Sales  
The marketing handbook comes packed with many extra's and well worth the price of the book. This is an absolute must have book for every musician, guitarist, band, and anyone who is looking at getting into the music industry.

With basic marketing skills, any band or musician can effectively market themselves and be successful at it. Don't be a failed statistic, get yourself a copy of the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook and be prepared and give yourself a fighting chance in the jungle.

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  1. Guerrilla Music Marketing Tip: A good press release does wonders for an indie band.

  2. Here is another interesting tip. Duran Duran, just released their latest album, on their own record label. No label wanted to touch them. See all the marketing they are doing now. This album is going to be huge.
    read the album review.