March 02, 2011

Guitar Effects Pedals: A Handbook for the Guitarist

Guitar effects pedal, have been around since the late 50's, through the years the guitar pedal has evolved into complete racks today, which are used by many guitarists, especially a touring guitarist. Guitar pedals come with many effects from distortion and chorus, to cry baby Wah's.

Some of the effects pedals today, do come with an all-in-one type of effect, which is beneficial and
economical to many guitarists. See our post on Mega-Wah Guitar Pedal: The Only Seven in One Pedal for a great review on this amazing Mega-Wah pedal.

Most guitar players do prefer some of the older stand alone effects pedals, which now can be bought second hand through, fellow musicians, pawn shops, and used music instrument stores.

A guitar pedal basically modifies the guitar signal and pitch, to give you a specific sound, like feedback for a distortion type of sound, a cry baby type of sound from a wah wah pedal, and so on.

Understanding the history, and evolution of the guitar effects pedal, is interesting to most guitarist, but can also give you an insight in how to modify and manipulate your effects pedal.

"Guitar Effects Pedals The Practical Handbook" written by author Dave Hunter is an absolute must read, and for most guitarists, it will be an enjoyable and informative read, the book also comes with a CD.

The handbook goes into details on the evolution of the guitar pedal, with a chapter dedicated to the history of guitar effects, also listing most of the "Vintage Models" and brands. This chapter alone is worth the money spent on the handbook. Another chapter goes into detail on current contemporary brands that are available on the market today.

The best part of "Guitar Effects Pedals The Practical Handbook" is chapter 5, which is exclusively dedicated to the guitarist, and a section that many guitarists need to know. This section is the Tips, Tricks, and Tone of guitar pedals. Using an effects pedal is one thing, knowing how to get the setting for that perfect tone, has always been a elusive knowledge of many a great guitar player.

Guitar Effects Pedals The Practical Handbook grab a copy of this book today, and learn how to use guitar effect pedals properly, and save yourself hours of settings.

By George Luker (C) Copyright 2011 Krule Music

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